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Light Up Lakengren 2020!

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It’s back! We are Lighting Up Lakengren again this year!

It’s a Neighborhood Christmas Lights Competition! Sponsored by EXP Realty Andrew Gaydosh & Associates.

Participation is easy! Decorate your house as you normally do – or go all out and try to top your neighbor. You can nominate your own home or one of your neighbor’s for the grand prize!

Remember you must be entered by December 13 to win! We are unable to have our Christmas reception at the Lodge this year due to COVID, so instead Andrew Gaydosh will announce the winners on Facebook Live on Thursday, December 17.

What’s different this year? You get to vote! We are letting the community vote on their favorite decorations. On December 14 we will launch a community survey to select the winners! So stay tuned!


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